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Post event checklist for hirers:

Products and equipment needed are in the cleaning cupboard in the corridor.

Main Hall:

Wipe down tables (if using) and put away

  • Check chairs are clean (if using) and put away

  • Remove all personal items

  • Empty bin and replace bin bag

Sweep/vacuum and mop floor.


  • Check that fridge has been emptied

  • Make sure all washing-up has been put away and dishwasher has been emptied.

  • Remove all personal items

  • Check ovens are clean

  • Wipe down surfaces

  • Empty bins and replace bin bags


Sweep/vacuum and mop floor.


  • Check toilets/urinals/sinks are clean

  • Replace empty toilet rolls

  • Wipe down surfaces

  • Empty all bins, including ladies hygiene, and replace bin bags


Sweep/vacuum and mop floor.


Sweep/vacuum and mop floor.

Before you leave make sure all doors (including interior fire doors) and windows are fully shut, turn off lights, lock main door and return key to key code box. You can put up to 6 bags of rubbish in the large red bin if there’s room, take any excess away with you.

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