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We have been working hard to make the Hall a Covid safe environment. This has included purchasing portable  air filtration units, installing hand-sanitiser stations and providing extra cleaning products to help you keep your activity safe. We have also had the hall deep cleaned prior to opening and completed a thorough risk assessment to identify the specific risks associated with using the hall during the pandemic.

However, this will mean that the way you use the building will also need to change.


  • We encourage you to keep doors and windows open during your event to increase airflow of fresh air. If its not possible to ventilate the hall please use the 2 air purifier machines provided to help reduce airborne hazards

  • We are allowing you an extra hour after your event, free of charge, in order for you to thoroughly clean the hall before you leave, including the floors,  toilets, door and window catches, tables, switches, and other surfaces (your extra cleaning time is already included in party and event hires)

  • Before your event you will need to do an assessment to identify any risks specific to your activity and determine what steps you will take to mitigate them. You should also check that your activity is allowed under current government guidelines and read any other guidance applicable to your specific event.

We are very pleased that we are finally able to welcome you again to our beautiful Village Hall and hope you will understand that, although there are some changes to the way it operates, we want to make sure your hire is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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